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Awaken Into Your Natural State of Flow

Awaken Into Your Natural State of Flow
with Neuroscientist, Writer, Consultant and Explorer of Consciousness Kiefer O'Sullivan
and Author, Mystic and Meditation Teacher
Stephen Altair



Awaken Into Your Natural Flow State

Awaken Into Your Natural StateAltair
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What does it mean to
be in flow?

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Our last course received RAVE reviews. See what people say about this course:


“I am so grateful to Stephen and Kiefer for both the knowledge they have put forth and for the beautiful space they have created within the course. It has been a life-changing experience for me to be invited into a circle of such lovely and like-minded souls.” – Erin P., New York.


"I was struck by many things when taking Stephen and Kiefer's course. First, it was beautifully put together, logical and easy to grasp, progressing each week. Second, the depth of the actual experience during the course meetings and the weekly exercises was astonishing. I was deeply touched many many times and my heart opened to new experiences of being awake, somehow paradoxical in a course that I thought had to do with the sleep state. Magnificent is not a word I have ever used to describe a course, but in this case it is fitting. Thank you Kiefer and Stephen". Ian NSW, Australia


"I was fortunate to have participated in the course. Each teaching was an amazing journey and deep dive into the neuroscience, and contemporary thought with both practical as well as profound techniques to grow awareness... of ones life. It was a fun, invigorating and magical course that I was sad to have completed. I very highly recommend it." Randy Santa Fe, New Mexico



Join us on an incredible journey within to learn the practice and science behind flow state practices.



- Neuroscience, neuroflow meditative guidance, practical techniques and teachings

- Be guided into deep meditative flow states

- Access deeper states of consciousness

- Get practical tips on how to remain in flow throughout your day

- Learn ancient mystical practices to supercharge your flow states

- Alleviate anxiety and stress

- A supportive community for your awakening journey into flow in life


Each live session takes you deep into the personal experience of flow states, altered states, and other inner practices forged with ancient wisdom and backed by modern science.


Course starts soon on Vivavya. All classes are 60 minutes. Classes are recorded and links for viewing shared on Vivaya. They may be watched at any time. 




If you've read this far, then this course is for you. Answer your inner calling and just do it. Sign up now.


Warmly and with love,

Kiefer & Stephen Altair








Jordan Kiefer O’Sullivan B.S. M.B.S 

J. Kiefer O’Sullivan has been a passionate scientist, meditator, writer, and consultant for many years, and particularly, a lifelong student of the brain and consciousness. Originally from Ireland, he moved to the United States in 2007, soon attending Dominican University of California and forming his own neuroscience degree program from a major in biology and double minors in chemistry and psychology. He then went on to attend a 3-4 years master’s program combining medical school coursework with a heavy research thesis emphasis, ultimately graduated with his Master’s in Biomedical Science degree in 2017.  

Following his time in academia, he moved into the private sector, fusing his passion for consciousness, innovation, and the brain in the realm of consulting and taking clients for scientific, spiritual, and corporate related projects. In the past few years, specifically, he has spent much time launching a successful brain wellness center, working R&D contracts for pioneering neurotech companies, and communicating science and wellness on camera, radio, etc. around the world. 

As both a scientist and a curious student of consciousness, Kiefer has explored, both personally and professionally, the realms of meditation, breathwork, neuromodulation, and even topics like lucid dreaming. Taking clients and teaching coursework on those topics is a major passion for Kiefer; helping people accomplish their goals, feel better, and learn more about themselves. Authenticity is his core principle and delivering what’s most effective and practical for each course/client is an utmost priority. 

Kiefer currently lives in Carmel-by-the-Sea, California, and enjoys the combination of California charm with an old-world feel that he grew up with in Ireland. He enjoys writing, painting, exploring outdoors, and has recently started gardening. 

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