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Master Your Wealth Creation

With HeartMind-Shifting Abundance Practices and Wealth Astrology

Beginning Friday 11th November 9 PM EDT (New York)

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Cosmic Cash Course Summary

What is Cosmic Cash?

Cosmic cash is mastery of wealth creation and abundance with astrology.


Who do you become?

You become a wealth creator, abundant and confident in your ability to grow wealth on your own terms.

You will understand your motivations and true financial desires, all the more deeply.


What will you learn?

You will learn how abundance is created in this world, in terms of actions and beliefs.

More than just a mindset  adjustment, you’ll learn exactly where you get stuck along the road to prosperity, and learn how to get past your specific individual blockers along your path.

Learn your unique blueprint to wealth generation. 


How will you transform?

You will develop confidence and build actionable steps  towards your economic destiny.

You’ll learn a bit more about what makes you so unique and special in this world, and how to boldly achieve your goals.


Why is this important?

Todays economic climate is uncertain, and most people are feeling the economic pinch of forces beyond our control. Knowledge is power, and you can navigate through volatility by learning more about  your wealth generation capabilities.

Corporate pensions are no longer common, and over your lifetime, you  will have several careers or roles meant to generate economic stability.

With todays volatility, it's important to learn how to work with your unique blueprint to take your economic future into your own hands. 


What capabilities will you develop?

You will figure out where you get stuck  and understand where your astrology chart describes your abundance capabilities and learn how to grow in wealth in a deeply personal way.  

What will you get on this course?

Video and audio recordings, astrology chart readings, homework, information related to your goals

Course Objectives

COSMIC CASH COURSE - This course will be held over 5 MODULES.

This course begins Friday 11th November 9 PM EDT (New York time)

Cosmic Cash is a series of FIVE short modular workshops, taking abundance to a new level. 


(for terms and conditions see our participation agreement)

  • MODULE ONEWhat is money?

  • MODULE TWOThe Outer Money Game

  • MODULE THREEThe Inner Money Game

  • MODULE FOUR: The Subtle Money Game

  • MODULE FIVE: The Secret of Money



Cost for our 5 module course: COSMIC CASH

Regular Price (Waged): $199 + donation

Reduced Price (Unwaged) $99 + donation

Educational Rate (Teachers/Students): $50 + donation

Financial Hardship/Scholarship: $50 + donation



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