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Awaken Into The Dream Goddess

Dream Yourself Into Awakening

Start and Finish Every Day With Dreaming 

Awaken Into The Dream Goddess

Awaken To The Dream GoddessAltair
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What does it mean to
Dream Yourself Into Awakening?
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Course Summary

As we face an increasingly chaotic and challenging world with shifting external events and uncertainty at every turn, we may find ourselves ill-prepared and not schooled in the ways of taming our mind and heart and so are easily swept up in the changing tide of events along with everyone that surrounds us. This groundbreaking course aims to blend dream yoga, mind training techniques and illusory body training, to guide you into Awakening. We do this by combining ancient wisdom with modern science and teach you secular methods for taming their mind and accessing the stability, peace and calm happiness of luminous awareness accompanied by dream yoga and lucid dream training and discovery. 


Course Objectives

In this novel 10-week experiential learning course, we guide you on a journey of the mind, heart and consciousness. We go deep into the world of dreams--a journey that you have quite likely never taken before. Together we work with your lucid dreaming states to explore the mysterious and uncharted inner world and its relationship to thoughts, feelings, perception and external objects and to discover the ground of your own consciousness. As you directly touch and become familiar with this being – your consciousness – we help you to awaken into the knowing, stable awareness of yourself through recognizing the illusory nature of what you have considered to be reality up until now. Once discovered, we map out the territory of the mind, heart and consciousness through dream and illusory body yoga and give your practical techniques for stabilizing this awareness including how this can help you in every aspect of life from day-to-day decision-making, relationships, to crafting a vision for your life and how to become awakened dreamers in your communities and the world. 

Dream Yourself Into Awakening Course Starts Soon!

Click here to join us on the Dream Yourself Into Awakening Course


Dear All,


Starting soon -- our highly regarded Dream Yourself Into Awakening 10 Week Course!


Our last course received RAVE reviews. See what people say about this course:



“I am so grateful to Stephen, Holly, and Kiefer for both the knowledge they have put forth and for the beautiful space they have created within the dream course. It has been a life-changing experience for me to be invited into a circle of such lovely and like-minded souls.” – Erin P., New York.


"I was struck by many things when taking Holly, Stephen and Kiefer's lucid dreaming course. First, it was beautifully put together, logical and easy to grasp, progressing each week. Second, the depth of the actual experience during the course meetings and the weekly exercises was astonishing. I was deeply touched many many times and my heart opened to new experiences of being awake, somehow paradoxical in a course that I thought had to do with the sleep state. Magnificent is not a word I have ever used to describe a course, but in this case it is fitting. Thank you Holly, Kiefer and Stephen". Ian NSW, Australia


"I was fortunate to have participated in the Dream Yourself to Awakening Course. Each teaching was an amazing journey and deep dive into the neuroscience, and contemporary thought on dreams with both practical as well as profound techniques to grow awareness of not only one’s dreams but of ones life. It was a fun, invigorating and magical course that I was sad to have completed. It improved my dream recall, and I actually experienced a lucid dream ( my first in decades) as a result of the practices I learned and practice each night. I very highly recommend it." Randy Santa Fe, New Mexico



Join us on an incredible journey within to learn the practice and science behind daytime and nighttime practices of the illusory body and dream yoga (lucid dreaming).



- 20 hours of meditative guidance and teachings

- Be guided into deep meditative states

- Access deeper states of consciousness

- Get practical tips on lucid dreaming

- Learn ancient mystical practices to supercharge your dream states

- Alleviate anxiety and stress

- A supportive community for your awakening journey


Each live session takes you deep into the personal experience of lucid dreaming, altered states, and other inner practices forged with ancient wisdom and backed by modern science.


Course starts 2023. All classes are 120 minutes. Classes are recorded and links for viewing shared within a few hours. They may be watched at any time. 




If you've read this far, then this course is for you. Answer your inner calling and just do it. Sign up now.


Warmly and with love,

Stephen Altair

Course Overview

Module 1: Setting a baseline for dreaming yourself into awakened awareness

We lay the foundation and all that will be covered in the course, including our explorations into awareness, the neuroscience of lucid dreaming, neuroscience and neural correlates of complex mind states and compassionate non-dual awareness.

Module 2: Preliminary practices for dream and sleep yoga

We dive into the principles and details of dream and sleep yoga, lucid dreaming, six realms, seven chakras and six types of dreams according to the energy centers

Module 3: Liberation of the mind stream through purification and the energy body

More on the practices of dream and sleep yoga including breath, lamps, energy drops, dakinis and deities. We dive into illusory body yoga and the three Gateways of body, speech and mind.

Module 4: Liberation of the daytime state through grace, peace and healing practices in the chakras

Here we explore the dream and sleep yoga practices of clear light and energy drops through illusory body yoga. We couple these eastern practices with an exploration into the neuroscience of energetic medicine and healing (e.g. Reiki).

Module 5: Dreaming and the illusory body with the elements

Next we explore the dream and sleep yoga visualizations of elements (fire, flood..), and the illusory body yoga path of the six senses beginning with the sight path.

Module 6: Nighttime instructions on dreaming and liberating confusion, anxiety and pain

In this module we use dream and sleep yoga practices to deal with fear, grasping and managing magical wrathful displays. In illusory body yoga we explore the sound path and finally we explore the neuroscience of pain and anxiety and tools to manage it.

Module 7: Transforming into clear light and empty clarity

Here we dive into the magical clear light practice within dream yoga and the taste path of illusory body yoga. We share the neuroscience of compassion, love, emptiness, jhanas and flow states.

Module 8: Dreaming and meditation into natural liberation of awareness

This week in the natural liberation of awareness we truly step beyond. We move into the clear light of samadhi within dream and sleep yoga and the touch path of illusory body yoga. Finally we explore the neural correlates of non-dual awareness, mystical states, prophecy and Jedi states.

Module 9: Living and dying through dreaming and transitional processes

As we move into the final stages of the course, we explore death and transitional processes through dream and sleep yoga practices of the clear light of death and the sense-mind path of illusory body yoga. From a western science angle we examine the neuroscience of transitional states and entering and exiting dream states

Module 10: Pointing out the nature of mind and dreaming – seeing things as they are

In our final module we explore the path arising as primordial wisdom through dream and sleep yoga. In illusory body yoga we examine the conceptual thought path as we as secret conduct (cutting through practices), illuminating experience and illusory metaphors.

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