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Reiki Jin Kei Do Master Course 

Reiki Attunements and Teaching Practice for Reiki Masters

Beginning Sunday 20th November 7 PM EDT (New York)

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Reiki Jin Kei Do Master Course Summary

Reiki Jin Kei Do


A Reiki master is a person who is committed to walk the path of compassion and wisdom, a person who has chosen to enter deeper into the realm of Reiki, cultivating compassion for themself and others during their training, practice and experience of Reiki.  It is also necessary to have developed to some extent deeper insight into their own mind which leads to a certain level of wisdom.  In Buddhism, this is the path of the Bodhisattva, a being dedicated to helping others enter the path of enlightenment. 


The path of a Reiki master begins with a gift.  This gift is the information contained in the "Master Symbol".  In the Reiki master initiation, the initiate is given the symbol and the energetic information contained in the symbol is imparted to the initiate in the attunement.  This is the first step on the path to deeper healing for yourself and helping others to enter the same path of healing.  It is a great responsibility because you have decided to teach others the way of Reiki, in particular the way of Reiki Jin Kei Do, the path of compassion and wisdom.  It is a life-long commitment to your students because you, the teacher, need to be available to the student to support them in their Reiki path.  


The ability to mentor students requires the teacher to have the ability to provide the needed help or advice through his/her own life experiences.  It is, therefore, the personal responsibility of the Reiki master to integrate compassion and wisdom through meditation into his/her life from the first day of being initiated as a Reiki master.

Course Objectives

MASTER COURSE - This course will be held in 4 COURSES over 5 weekends. This second course begins Sunday 4th September 9 PM EDT (New York time)

Reiki Master Level is a series of FOUR 5-weekend workshops, taking Reiki to a teachers level.  Here we review your journey since Reiki 1 and Reiki 2, and expand on your experience gained over time, by introducing:


  • Reiki as a Master

  • Meditation for a Master

  • Samadhi

  • Being Reiki

  • The 4 Qualities in Practice

  • Initiation as a Master

  • Correct use of Symbols

  • The Master Symbol

  • Energy Transmission


  • Reiki Attunements and Teaching Practice for Reiki 1


  • Reiki Attunements and Teaching Practice for Reiki 2


  • Reiki Attunements and Teaching Practice for Master Course

  • Advanced Training

  • Chakra Treatments for Masters

  • Self-treatment for Masters

  • Q&A on dealing with the public

In these FOUR COURSES you will receive the Master attunement and learn how to initiate and give attunements.



Cost for each 5 weekend course: COURSE FOUR

Regular Price (Waged): $825 + donation

Reduced Price (Unwaged) $498 + donation

Educational Rate (Teachers/Students): $400 + donation

Financial Hardship/Scholarship: $200 + donation

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About Reiki Jin Kei Do and Dr. Ranga Premaratna 

The Story of Reiki Jin Kei Do

Reiki is a Japanese word. The Kanji Rei means spirit, and Ki means energy or life force. In essence, Reiki can be interpreted as spiritual or universal life force energy. Reiki is also known as the Usui System of Natural Healing, a very simple technique to aid in the process of healing and many believe that it leads to a path of self-transformation. Reiki was initially brought to the United States by Mrs. Hawayo Takata, a Japanese American who studied it in Japan in the 1930’s. Reiki has since become the fast-moving energy modality in the West during the past 30 years.

Reiki was developed in the early 1900’s by a Japanese Shingon Buddhist named Mikao Usui. Master Usui was a well-known scholar and respected healer in Kyoto who undertook an extensive study of healing phenomena as taught through history’s greatest spiritual leaders. Through his travels, research, and meditation, he was led to an ancient healing method based on a combination of Buddhist practices performed only by monks and kept as secret knowledge. It is believed that Dr. Usui learned part of this method and received special empowerments and a meditation through which he expanded his understanding of the energy of healing. He spent the rest of his life practicing and teaching this knowledge. One of his students, a medical practitioner named Dr. Chujiro Hayashi, gave this method a prop