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Training Options


Altair and Kevin guide you to take your meditation practice to the next level. Whether you're a novice or an advanced meditator, you'll learn the seven steps of Subtle Energy Meditation to elevate your inner state and raise our collective consciousness! Teacher Training programs are also available with full support and resources provided to enable you to develop your own Subtle Energy Meditation community online.


Altair and Holly believe everything we do leads to liberation. From Journey to Your Truth, The Practical Mystic and Dreaming Yourself Into Awakening we believe through our programs in allowing all experience to flow with clarity, surrendering and opening to love and wisdom. The way we open to liberation is by uniting ancient wisdom with modern science, in simple, easeful and natural ways that are effortless. We offer our heartmind to support you on your journey into liberation through coaching, courses and healing sessions . As one of our participants said recently about our course: “Magnificent is not a word I have ever used to describe a course, but in this case, it is fitting”


Altair, Constantine, Holly, Ian and John know that conscious leadership and enlightened business is the next competitive edge and evolutionary step for humanity. What’s holding you back is not what you think it is.
Are you sick of feeling a low level of discontent, unrest and suffering despite achieving external successes?
How would it be if you could discover and develop cognitive performance that left you feeling joy, bliss and happiness for no reason all the time despite adversity?
In our experience, this is always already available to us all. We just need to have it pointed out, tracked and habituated to stabilize in HeartMind. We use cutting edge protocols and technology to provide you with a direct experience of your true nature and unlimited potential.

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