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Awaken Into Intimacy

Day 20 of our Free 30 Day Program

Day 20

Awaken Into Intimacy

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Hi everyone


These beautiful meditations are a reflection of YOUR heart as Wendy Lund and her wonderful husband Bryan share...

“My husband, Bryan Stern, was talking about how profoundly he has been affected by doing the morning meditation and I thought you would like to know. I actually said wait and recorded his comment, here you go:

‘My life is so altered because I am spontaneously using his words, they are embedded in my consciousness. I am allowing that consciousness to come around patterns in myself. I knew I didn't want the patterns to continue. One of the patterns was the tension, drama and the need to communicate around the whole vaccine and covid issue. I said, "that is not how I want to be with this" and I let myself be with it, and allow the spirit of the meditation and the oneness, the love to somehow alter it. I have not been intense in the same way. When I recognize the tenseness I could let it be which also let it go. When I was doing the love one I felt the sadness come up for some of my behaviors which I did not feel that great about. Generally I would just push that unhappiness down. During the meditation the unhappiness just swept over me and his words " don't grasp or push it away" came and I did that. I opened up into the love consciously. I was open before, it had brought up this sadness in a more honest way, where I felt more what I really felt about it. It has been fabulous doing these meditations. I feel them working inside of me. I feel my life shifting subtly and profoundly. I am really grateful for them.’

That is from Bryan Stern, the most loving wonderful man, and he is my husband! I love doing these meditations with him. I will do them once when I first wake, then we will sit and do them together. It is gift to experience the ocean of boundless love that holds both of us together. What a wonderful way to start our day. The meditation transforms our state of mind in 3 minutes. We joke when it takes 7 minutes that you said it would be 3 minutes, what a miracle. We are both so grateful."

Wendy Lund Encinitas, CA

So here is today's...with grateful thanks to Wendy and Bryan


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