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Astrology, Oracles, Animal Signs, Magic Squares, Trigrams, Elements, 

Spirits, Talismans, Deities & Kalachakra Practices

All sessions are on Zoom. Resources and links will be emailed before the course session each week. Recordings (video/audio and meditations) will be emailed after each session.


Lesson 1: Tibetan Astrology and The Kalachakra for Awakening – The KalachakraPractices of Ancient Tibet

Lesson 2: Tibetan Astrology and The Cosmos – The Planets and Causation


Lesson 3: Tibetan Astrology and The Animal Signs


Lesson 4: The Five Elements 


Lesson 5: The Animals, Elements and Forces


Lesson 6: Oracles - The Nine Mewas, Magic Squares and Seals


Lesson 7: Oracles and Trigrams - The Eight Parkhas


Lesson 8: The Twenty Seven Lunar Mansions


Lesson 9: The Days, the Years and Prophecy


Lesson 10: Tibetan Deity Yoga, Spirits, Talismans, Protective Mantras, Mudras and Yantras