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Solar Eclipse
Awaken Into Star Nations



Awaken Into Luminosity Practice for Preparation to Connect to Star Nations

Awaken Into LuminosityAltair
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What does it mean to

Star nations are here and have always been here.

Old structures right now are being transformed.

Our true contact we are opening to is our infinite potential and the miracle of ourselves.

Experiences with the Star Nations opens our consciousness to a clear, sustainable future filled with infinite opportunities, love and solutions to our current world problems.

The many prophecies of the indigenous peoples are testament to this.

WE are this planet and all planets and star systems.

This is an invitation to connect to your star origins and awaken. It is an invitation to become part of the star nations consciously.

As the consciousness of humanity awakens to love, those of us acting as ambassadors for humanity are helping others to step forward into the galactic community.

The specific techniques you will learn here, taught by Star Beings to facilitate safe loving contact, call in star craft, travel between dimensions and move beyond fears are genuine deep activations you will treasure for lifetimes.

Are You Ready?


“I am so grateful to Stephen for both the knowledge he has put forth and for the beautiful space he has created within the course. It has been a life-changing experience for me to be invited into a circle of such lovely and like-minded souls.” – Erin P., New York.


"I was struck by many things when taking Stephen's course. First, it was beautifully put together, logical and easy to grasp, progressing each week. Second, the depth of the actual experience during the course meetings and the weekly exercises was astonishing. I was deeply touched many many times and my heart opened to new experiences of being awake, somehow paradoxical in a course that I thought had to do with the sleep state. Magnificent is not a word I have ever used to describe a course, but in this case it is fitting. Thank you Stephen". Ian NSW, Australia


"I was fortunate to have participated in the Course. Each teaching was an amazing journey and deep dive into the neuroscience, and contemporary thought with both practical as well as profound techniques to grow awareness. It was a fun, invigorating and magical course that I was sad to have completed. I very highly recommend it." Randy Santa Fe, New Mexico



Join us on an incredible journey within to learn the practice and science behind daytime and nighttime practices of the Star Nations.



A group, a site, the tech, how we gather.

Contact, the light body, the rainbow body and the science of consciousness.

Purification, opening to telepathy, clairessence, telekinesis and siddhis.

Sacred ritual, ceremony and Shakti of Venus Jupiter and Star Consciousness meditation.

The stars and your connection to star beings through Vedic and Tibetan Astral Astrology.


Communication & Practice

Consciousness, contact and working together, healing and opening energy centers, replacing the crystalline body, the pineal gland and the crystal receiving and transmitting centers, clearing the sushumna, ida and pingala, inner star fire practice.

Technologies and Star Beings (of whom you are one), the Cosmic Plan for the human family and the star nations of whom we are one such Star Nation (Masaru Emoto, Hopi and Indigenous Wisdom).

Lucid Dreaming and Interdimensional Remote Viewing, Totem Animal shamanic support and communication and practice – inner sightings and contact.

DAY 3 

The Events - Outer Sightings and Contact, Ships & Experience

Practice together using ritual, ceremony, and Shakti Star Consciousness, Star Meditations

Enhancing contact experience with essential oils, music, dance, mantra, yantra, symbols and plant medicine.

Lucid Dreaming, the Future Self, Dreaming the Future and Interdimensional Remote Viewing, Portals to the Multiverse

The next 1000 years of Star Nation Wisdom (plan provided)

Universal Love, Light and Peace. The Inter Stellar Family. We are ONE Family.



Group grounding and sharing.

Full Schedule

March 3-4th, 2023 (Late Nights)

  • Friday 10pm - 1am EST / 1am to 4am PST

  • Saturday 10pm - 1am EST / 1am to 4am PST

March 11-12th (Early Times)

  • Saturday 1pm - 4pm EST / 2pm - 6pm PST

  • Sunday 1pm - 4pm EST / 3pm - 6pm PST

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