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Terry Chen:

Mythical Alias: Compassionate dragon, indestructible Tara, 


Powers: visionary, research, minimalist, manifestation, calm abiding peace advocate, listener and empath, ability to see the true intentions of each individual 


Made in : nyc


Cred: doctorate education -over 10 years in healthcare 

Trained in Buddhism, meditation, and other healing modalities 

Have lived many lives in this lifetime by the power of creation and action 

Mother and wife 

The 12 Steps of THE SANCTUARY

The SANCTUARY’s 12-Step approach for Phase 1 Stabilizing Awareness could be

  1. What is Awareness (experiential- Stephen) – object-oriented attention makes us powerless to access what lies beyond conceptual mind—that our lives are bound and limited by lack of awareness

  2. Ground/Path/Fruition (experiential - Hajnal) We recognize that awareness is uncreated and greater than “ourselves/identity” and could restore us to wholeness/fullness/emptiness/boundlessness/infinite possibilities

  3. The Lineage Pointing (experiential – Christopher) We make a decision to turn our energy and attention inwards and surrender over to the care of Source/God/Pure Awareness as we directly experience One Thing for ourselves.

  4. The Preliminaries of Trauma/Shadow Work/The Ghosts in the Machine (experiential – Hajnal) We make a searching and fearless somatic exploration and inventory of ourselves.

  5. Meditation with Support/Transparent Communication I with Support (experiential – Stephen/Terry) We open and surrender to Source/God, to ourselves, and transparently communicate to another human being the exact nature of our being. (+ “Awareness is…” exercise/The SANCTUARY Buddy (with participant)/Trinity (leader as support) Program)

  6. Breathing Meditation/Transparent Communication II with Support (experiential – Christopher) We are entirely ready to surrender with total trust, our being through divine friendship to another.

  7. Meditation without Support (experiential – Stephen/Terry) We have a felt experience of how awareness of our obstacles and allowing them liberates them.

  8. Meditation on loosening and tightening awareness through the breath (experiential – Hajnal) We open transparent communication to our closest relationships, foster unconditional love through loving kindness/Tonglen practices and ask forgiveness from those we have harmed through compassionate awareness practices, and became willing to be open and present in all moment-to-moment life situations.

  9. Self-inquiry (experiential –Christopher) – Introduction to the Vipassana Practices of all ancient traditions – We see into the Nature of Mind and Awareness and make direct experience of moment-to-moment awareness our primary awakening process.

  10. Looking at the Nature of Mind (experiential – Stephen/Terry) We continue to deepen our personal practice on and off the cushion including seeing into our misconceptions

  11. Investigating Thoughts, Feelings and Perceptions (experiential – Hajnal) We continue to reveal the mystical power of contemplation, prayer and meditation to improve our conscious contact with Source/Pure Awareness/God, as we understand this experientially, trusting in awareness to provide knowledge and wisdom beyond conceptual mind of the Divine will/Life Flow for us and the power to carry that out.

  12. Stillness and Movement (Transition from the individual to the collective – introduction to Collective Awareness Phase 2 Program – all of us/Stephen) Having had a spiritual awakening as the result of this process, we look at the possibility to carry this as a collective, consciously, into community, and to practice these principles in all areas our lives “in the marketplace”.


Unlock Your Unlimited Potential

Altair’s background is varied and eclectic. Altair co-founded three educational institutions and a health and lifestyle television channel, has published ten books including one top ten best-seller, composed three music albums including a single presented to Nelson Mandela on his inauguration and supports Tibetan refugees educational programs. Altair has lectured at universities at Bachelor level in Computer Science and Music and at Masters level in Computer Science and given seminars and workshops in New Zealand, Australia, the USA and Japan. He has been a guest speaker at Microsoft conventions on the subject of mindful practice and technologies.

Altair graduated from Auckland and Otago University with degrees in Education and Business and was Certified as a Counsellor with the Counsellors and Psychotherapists Association of New South Wales in Australia. Altair is also a trained Vedic astrologer and brings practical insights to the life path energies from a Vedic and Tibetan perspective.

He has been writing and teaching meditation techniques for over 30 years. 

Altair shares teachings, activations and transmissions from "The Light of Awareness at the Heart" and Light Body Awakening, based on subtle energy meditation and the ancient Dzogchen, Mahamudra and Madhyamaka teachings with deep gratitude to all the lineages and all blessings dedicated to your liberation.

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